Pyynikki Park

The Pyynikki Park is a popular tourist destination in Finland. It is located on a hill slope in the southwestern direction of Tampere city center. This big park is situated, at a height of 499ft (152m). It has an open air theater and you will find its auditorium revolving or rotating about itself. The workers of the theater give performances during the summer season. Piispala’s old district is situated in the western direction of Pyynikki Park. It is a hilly terrain with wooden built houses.

Since the place is within a walking distance from the Tampere city center, you can take a leasuirely walk, escape from the hustle bustle city life and reach the place.

The park has an observation tower from there you can have a panoramic view of Tampere. You can admire the spectacular view of the adjoining forests and the beautiful lakes.

Beneath the tower is a café where you can taste the yummy donuts and sip hot coffee.


Pyynikki Park

Pyynikintie 13, Tampere, Finland
(03) 212 3247

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