The Holyrood Park

A distinctive historic landscape in the center of Edinburg is the Holyrood Park. The place’s hills and spectacular cliffs provide a unique skyline for the Edinburg city. The parks boasts o f having rich archeology and history that spans over a number of centuries. The Arthur’s seat is one among the well-known four hill forts which has a history that forms nearly 2000 years ago.

A primitive farmstead with scraped huts circular huts known as the East of Dunsapie Crag is located at the Holyrood Park. A gigantic rock and a bowl made of stone called as the Antony’s well is situated enroute to the St.Antony Chapel’s gaunt ruins. The chapel is located on a spur that overlooks the Forth.

One among the seven holy wells is the Margaret well that is situated downhill. . At a number of places, the medieval remains and the cultivation of rig and furrwo can be found. Ever since the 12th century, the Holyrood Park is a royal park that is surrounded with boundary walls made up of stones that was constructed in the year 1541.

A visitor can also take long solitary walk and enjoy the beauty of the place.

At the holyrood lodge information an exhibition is held and you can get assistance from the Holyrood Park Ranger Service.

Contact Address

Holy rood Park
E of Holy rood Palace and Abbey

Opening hours

On each Sundays in between 9.00 am to 3.30 pm the road leading to the park is closed because of maintanence and other events.

No admission fees for the park

Tel. No: +44 (0)131 652 8150


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