Procedures on how to purchase a car in Saudi Arabia

In Saudi Arabia, the actual driving is limited to men. Car can be owned by women, but they need to hire a driver or have a male family member to drive the car.

Individuals can own the normal sedan & cars. Vehicles that more than 5 seats as well as SUVs &4 wheel drives can only be owned by families. Pickup vehicles are regarded as commercial vehicles and are set aside only for the Saudi national ownership.

Prior to purchasing a car you need to be aware of a few terminologies

Istimarah - This is the term used for registering your vehicle. You will be provided with a laminated card which you always need to keep in your possession. This card bears the name of the owner as well as the vehicle’s license plate. For every 3 years the Istimarah must be renewed.

Fahs: This is a road inspection that is carried out to confirm that the vehicle is fit and safe to drive. Fahs will normally be in the form of a round sticker and will be present on the vehicle’s windshield.

Al Morot: Traffic police. Expatriates performing their individual paperwork while buying or selling a car will get familiarized with their neighbouring traffic police station.


The car license form with entire information must be filled

Offer the custom card

Provide the paid fees receipt

Furnish all the needed documents

Documents that are essential for purchasing a car

As an expat if you wish to purchase a car then you require a number of official documents.

As an expatriate, you need to obtain letter from your or organization or employer giving permission to purchase a car. A majority of the organization are familiar in writing those letters and they are aware of the correct format to be utilized ( for instance the iqama number should be mentioned together with the title position, stamps required and the letter to be written both in English as well as Arabic). If your employer is not a government company then the letter need to be authorized by the Chamber of Commerce.

Insurance proofs must be acquired and furnished at the time of closure of the deal. You can choose your own insurance company. The person or dealer or showroom who sells the cars will help you to choose the right insurance company.

Required documents

The national car identity card.

National identity card’s copy

Non saudis’s iqama

Car show room center’s purchase contract.

A letter which is approved by the chamber of commerce for the organizations & enterprises.

Custom card for the establishments & organizations.

Ministry of transport’s letter for the establishments & organizations.

Fee payment receipt

Duly filled istimara (car registration) form

An authorization on normal paper.

An authorization that is not signed by the witnesses

Office Locations & Contacts

Public Security Department

Phone: 00966114419688

City: Riyadh

Fax: 00966114419688

E-mail: [email protected]

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