Procedure for obtaining driving license in Saudi

Required Documents:

1. Iqama original & copy
2. Passport copy
3. Passport size photos
4. Copy of driving license of your country
5. Arabic translation of your driving license of your country
6. Letter from your sponser (kafeel) and get it attested from Chamber of commerce.


1. Go to the Driving license office near your area and fill the application form and submit with all the required documents and get it stamped.

2. Then go to any clinic and get the blood group and eye test.

3. Go to driving license office again and submit the papers. If they ask you to go for driving school you need to attend the driving school training otherwise you can directly go for driving test.

4. If you pass the driving test the officer will sign and return the file to you, then you have to take the signal test.

5. Signal test (computer test) will have 20 questions and you have to answer 15 correctly in order to pass.

6. Once you have passed the signal test they will ask you to pay the license fees around 400 SAR.

7. That's it you might get the license in the same day or next day.

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