Procedures for Renewing Your Driving Licence In Saudi Arabia

The following are the procedures required for renewing your driving licence in Saudi Arabia

Documents needed

1. Completely filled driving licence renewal application form

2. (4x6 )size passport photograph with white background (2 No: s)

3. Payment confirmation receipt of SR 400/-

4. Driving licence (original)

5. Your Iqama (copy as well as original)



1. You can of the online account if you happen to from (Al-Rijhi, NCB, SABB, etc). Pay an amount of S.R.400/- for the driving license renewal and obtain a receipt as evidence (you can get the proof by printing the payment confirmation report)

In Person

1. You can download the driving licence renewal application form which is available in the government of Saudi Arabia website. You can click this link and download the application and fill it (it is advisable to seek the assistance of any of your Arabic speaking friends or colleagues).

2. Gather all the needed documents

3. Go the driving school in Dallah, Riyadh

a. You can visit the Building No: 1, where there will be a counter, go to the person at the counter and show your documents file, he will verify your documents and stamp them.

b. Once stamped, your documents file will be returned back to you. With your file then go to Building No: 1 where there is a token method (When you enter building no: 2, there will be a token machine on your left hand side). Get the token from the machine and wait till your turn comes.

c. Once your turn comes, show your documents to the person present there. Using your iqama they will verify your documents and other credentials ( Please note if you are not having a finger print , you need to have it done prior to applying for your driving licence renewal as all the data will be present in the department’s system).

d. Wait for some 5 to 10 minutes, your name will be called and you can get your driving licence renewed for 10 years.

How to go to the Dallah driving school?

The Dallah driving school is situated on King Fahad Highway adjacent to the Dallah Hospital.

Dallah Driving School Address

Nakhil, Riyadh Saudi Arabia

Phone: +966 11 450 7871

Working hours: 7:00 am – 9:00 pm

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