Employment Visas

These are issued at the request of a local sponsor and on the sponsor's responsibility to the applicant, who must be at least 21 years old. The visa is valid for entry, six months from the date of issue. Visas are valid for a maximum stay of two years from the date of entry of the date of the passport stamp. The visa is renewable for similar periods as dictated by work. It allows multiple entries by air.


1. The sponsor must be a competent local person who is responsible for the accuracy of the data entered on the application.

2. The beneficiary of the visa must be at least 21, but not older than 50 years.

3. The gender of the sponsored employee must be the same as that which is mentioned in the work permit issued by the DG of Labour Affairs.

4. The profession mentioned in the employment visa application must be the same as the one mentioned in the NOC (clearance certificate)

Attachments required:

1. Specified visa application form, typewritten, signed and stamped by the sponsor.

2. Two 4x6cm photographs of the applicant.

3. Copy of the applicant's passport which must be valid for not less than three months.

4. Work permit from the DG of Labour Affairs (clearance) and a copy of the application.

5. If the application is to be made by a person other than the sponsor, the representative must hold authorization, in writing, from the sponsor. The DG of Labour Affairs and the DG of Passports and Residences (www.rop.gov.om) should authenticate this authorization.

6. For persons arriving from certain countries (www.rop.gov.om), a copy of a medical certificate from a certified clinic must be provided.


1. If the employee concerned has worked previously in the Sultanate but hasn't been away from the country for two years, a certified release letter must be obtained from the previous sponsor. This release letter must state that there is no objection for the employee to work with any other sponsor and cancels the requirement that an employee must complete two years outside of the Sultanate before returning to work with a different sponsor.

2. If the application is for the transfer of the sponsorship inside the country, a release letter from the sponsor should be attached, together with the application to be certified by the DG of Labour Affairs. Any fines of delay must be settled upon the submission of the document.

3. Certain nationalities, such as Sudanese and Filipino, need special employment permits. Their working contracts must be authorized by their respective governments represented by the specific embassies in the Sultanate and by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The competent authority has the right to request any other documentation it deems necessary and has the right to refuse any visa application without giving any reason.

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