Family Joining/Family Residence Visas

Family Joining Visa: This visa is issued to the wife and children of a sponsored resident foreigner and also to the foreign wife of an Omani national at his request, supported by a certificate verifying the marriage.

Family Residence Visa: This visa is issued to foreigners who are not eligible for the Family Joining Visa. It is valid for entry within 6 months of its issue date; valid for residence in Oman for two years from the date of entry; renewable; multi-entry.

Requirements: The sponsor must be a competent local sponsor and responsible for the accuracy of data entered.

Children must not be above 28 years (Gregorian calendar)

Brothers and sisters (to the applicant) must not be over 18 years.

Application attachments:

1. Specified visa application form, typewritten, signed and stamped by the sponsor.

2. Two 4x6cm photographs of the applicant.

3. Copy of the applicant's passport which must be valid for not less than three months.

4. Copy of the resident's passport who is applying to bring in his family.

5. Duplicate of the employment contract co-signed by the sponsor and the foreign employee and copy of the employee's valid labour card.

6. The 'Undertaking Form' specified for the family-joining visa applications co-signed by the sponsor and the employee.

7. Proof of the relationship between the resident foreigner and the person who is to join him/her, unless the passports prove the relationship. Marriage contracts, attested by the national embassy and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, will suffice.

8. Copy of specimen of the authorized signatures issued by the Ministry of Commerce & Industry ( If the sponsor is an individual citizen, attach a copy of the sponsor's ID card for signature comparison.

9. If the application is to be made by a person other than the sponsor, the representative must hold authorization, in writing, from the sponsor. The DG of Labour Affairs and the DG of Passports and Residences ( should authenticate this authorization.

10. For persons aged 15 and above, arriving from certain countries (, a copy of a medical certificate from a certified clinic must be provided.

11. Copies of both parents' passports.

The competent authority has the right to request any other documentation it deems necessary and has the right to refuse any visa application without giving any reason.

Those who enter Oman on a Family Joining/Family Residence Visa must not work.

Addition of a Child to a Parental Visa

Requirements: Completed specified form (obtain from your national embassy); copies of parents' passports; copies of the birth certificate attested by both your national embassy and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (if born outside the Sultanate); letter from sponsor; two photographs.

Permits for Entry of Newborn Babies

Requirements: Type-written form signed by the sponsor; letter from the sponsor; copy of the birth certificate attested by your national embassy and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs; copies of the parents' passports.

Permits for Departure without Accompanied Children

Requirements: Completed application form; letter from the sponsor explaining the reason for the departure of the person with 'accompanied children'; confirmation from sponsor to settle legal status in the event that the individual does not return. The sponsor must also mention the names of the children who are not accompanying the traveller and the person who is taking care of the children in the traveller's absence.

Road Permits

Road permits are issued to enable foreign residents in the Sultanate to visit the Omani territories over the borders. There are four types of road pass:

1. Single Entry. (RO 3.000)

2. Multiple Entry: valid for a period of less than three months (RO 5.000)

3. Multiple Entry: valid for a period of three to six months. (RO 10.000)

4. Multiple Entry: valid for a period of six to twelve months. (RO 15.000)

Requirements: Completed form, signed by the sponsor; letter of application approved by the sponsor; copy of the foreign resident's passport with valid residency and copy of the valid labour card; two photographs.

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