Giant’s Causeway

The Giant’s Causeway is a region that has forty thousand interlock basalt columan, formed due to an antique volcanic eruption. It is situated in County Antrim on the Northeast shoreline of Northern Ireland, at a distance of 4.8Km (3 miles) from the Bushmills village. In 1986, UNESCO acknowledged Giant’s Causeway as a World Heritage Site.

The place offer you spectacular natural scenery .Yu can find the ideal shape of the basalt very inspiring and attractive .It is fun to stroll the on the basalt. If you are an adventure freak than you can wander alongside the Causeway Coast Walk, from where you can enjoy panoramic view of the sea cliffs, additional basalt columns as well as the Chimney and Organ stacks.

The ideal time you can visit the Causeway is at early dawn or late afternoon. You can also simply relax by sitting on any of the columns and gaze at the sunrise and sunset. You can find the red and purple tinge add color to this scenic spot and make it still more impressive.


Giant's Causeway
44 Causeway Road, BT57 8SU, Northern Ireland
44 28 2073 1855

Accomodation near Giant’s Causeway

Bayview Hotel

2 Bayhead Road Bushmills, Portballintrae,
Bushmills, County Antrim BT57 8RZ, United Kingdom
028 2073 4100

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