Culture of Uganda

The family structure of Uganda has greatly disoriented due to endless long wars.... Read More

Kerala Samajam, Uganda

The Kerala Samajam, Uganda was created with the aim to reinforce the social, economical, and cultural ties among the keralites working and residing in Uga... Read More

Ugandan Reptile village

The Ugandan Reptile village is a popular destination in the Entebbe, where you can see the native reptiles of the country. ... Read More

Didi’s amusement park

The Didi’s amusement park is a prominent theme park in Kampala, the capital city of Uganda. At the outset the park looks attractive decorated with doubl... Read More

Oasis shopping mall

The Oasis shopping mall is a popular shopping centre in Uganda. The mall is spread on retail area of 13,090 The shopping centre was constructed to ... Read More