The western (wailing) wall

The western wall or the Wailing Wall is situated in the traditional city of Jerusalem, at the base of Temple Mount’s western part. It is the remains of an old wall, which is enclose the patio of Jewish temple. The western wall is one of the holiest spot exterior, to the Temple Mount.

The Wailing Wall has been a spot for Jewish pilgrimage and prayer .There are instances, when a tourist approaches the wall, gets some electrical vibration and automatically weeps. Such is the power of the wailing or weeping wall.

You will find a number of Jews sitting for lengthy hours in mournful mediation over their race’s history. You can see them frequently chanting the Seventy-ninth Psalm’s words. On Friday, you can see both men and women flocking the weeping wall in huge numbers, kissing the holy stones and found weeping exterior the precinent, they might not go in.


Wailing Wall
Jerusalem, Israel

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