The SKI 360- the primary cable ski park of Singapore

A visitor can find the cable walk boarding or water skiing is fundamentally wake boarding or water skiing that utilizes the drag of a cable system. This system continuously moves around the lagoon. The park has the facility to simultaneously have 8 riders on water. The ski 360 also has a variety of entertainment like tabletop, fun box, kickers, wall rides for the visitors to enjoy.

The SKI 360 is the first Cable Ski Park .The TT Leisure Pvt Ltd develops and manages the park. The park is strategically situated on the East Coast Park, which is one of the most renowned beaches of Singapore. The theme park strictly adheres to the safety norms laid down by the government. It performs the risk appraisal and enhances the safety.

Some of the facilities available at the park are,

A latest cableway of 650 m in length.

Eight carriers (with a maximum capability of 35 to 40 pax)

Bar & Restaurants

The Proshop

Restrooms along with showering points and lockers.

The cableway opening hours

From Monday to Thursday from 10 am to 9.45 pm.

On Friday from 10 am to 11.45 pm.

On Saturday from to 11.45 pm.

On Sunday and on public holidays form 9 am to 9.45 pm.

Contact Address

1206A East Coast Parkway Singapore 449891

Phone: +65 6442 7318

Fax: +65-64421306

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