The Kuwait Musical Fountain

The Kuwait Musical Fountain is one of the one of the most popular tourist spots in Kuwait. The musical fountain plays a pivotal role in enhancing the tourism of Kuwait. It is situated on the first ring road in Kuwait city, and is easily accessible by the tourist from any parts of the city.

The musical fountain is very adjacent to the ice skating rink. The rink is somewhat bigger; there is also a smaller one, which can be used by the women and kids. The musical fountain got damaged badly during the Iraqi occupation of Kuwait. The fountain was later repaired and its beauty was restored. It is located in the green belt area of the country. On 3 pools, there are 220 fountains. Some of the other excitements at the fountain are the children games and the exhilarating restaurant.

In synchronization to the Kuwait music tunes, the water fountain dances and accordingly the colorful lights gets changed, thereby offering a spectacular sight for the visitors.

The visiting time and the admission fees should be kept in mind by the tourists.

Only on the national holidays and for parties, the admission fees are charged, the rest of the week it is free admission.

Opening time

Except on Saturday, on all other days the Musical fountain is opened to the public.

On summer season, the fountain is opened to the public from 4.00 pm to midnight 12.00 am.

During the winter season, the fountain is opened from 3:00 pm to 10:30 pm.

Ph.No: 22428394

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