The Sentosa is very famous island resort. In Malay language, the Sentosa means tranquility and peace. Annually nearly five million people visit Sentosa. Some of the main attractions include a sheltered beach of two kilometers length, two golf courses, fort Siloso and two five star hotels. Also there is Resorts World Sentosa, theme park that features the Singapore Universal studios.

Some of the other main attractions include

Tiger sky tower

The tiger sky tower was formerly called as the Carlsberg sky tower. It is situated at a110 meters height and above a sea level of 131 meter. A visitor will be welcomed by a disc shaped cabin. It has a capacity to accommodate about 72 persons. As the cabin it rotates and can have a panoramic view of the Sentosa and the also the southern islands. If the day is very clear, a visitor can also have the opportunity to catch a glimpse of some parts of Malaysia and Indonesia.

Butterfly and Insect Kingdom

Located at Sentosa is landscaped garden, called as the Butterfly Park. The park houses nearly 15,000 lie butterflies comprising of nearly fifty species. The size of the butterfly ranges from 25 millimeter (1 in) to some around 150 mm (6 in).
The insect kingdom has around 3,000 insect all of rare species that includes the Dynastes Hercules beetle.

Underwater world and the Dolphin Lagoon

Inaugurated in the year 1991, the underwater world is an oceanerium and it is situated in Sentosa’s western parts. The oceanerium has nearly some 2500 marine species has some 250 fresh water species brought from various parts of the world. The oceanerium has an 83 meter long underground travelator that transports the guests all along the immersed glass- window tunnel. From this tunnel a visitor can have a look at the collection of marine life comprising of stringrays, coral reefs, turtles, moral eels, sharks and turtles.

The underwater world also houses the dolphin Lagoon. It houses some of the Indo-pacific humpback dolphins also called as the pink dolphins. Some session like the “meet the dolphin “is held. In this session, the guests can go into the pool waist deep and at close proximity they can interact with the dolphins. Also available is another extensive program called the “Swim with the Dolphins “. In this program, the visitors can interact with the dolphin still much more extensively.


Sentosa also has some of the world’s famous beaches.

PalwanBeach: The Palawan beach I situated in the middle of the Senosa’a southern coast. The beach has a suspension bridge which will guide a visitor to a tiny isle off the coast. It is known to be Continental Asia’s Southermost point or Asia’s nearest point to the equator. There are a number of bars spread along the beach that provides delicious food and beverages. . The beach station of Sentosa express is located here.

Siloso beach

The beach is on the western coast. All lot of activties like beach volleyball and other events such a skim boarding, canoeing, roller balding and mountain biking takes place here. On the beach’s western end, the Rasa Sentosa is located.

Tanjong beach

It is most sheltered part on the southern coast. Important events and parties are held in this screen shaped beach. “KM8”, a beach bar is located in this beach.

Other facilities

Some hotels and resorts are located in Sentosa.

Amara Sanctuary Resort Sentosa
1 Larkhill Road,
Sentosa Island,
Singapore 099394
Tel: +65 6825 3888
Fax: +65 6825 3878
Email: [email protected]

Rasa Sentosa Resort, Singapore

101 Siloso Road
Sentosa 098970
T: (65) 6275 0100
F: (65) 6275 0355

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