Indian Muslim Welfare Association (IMWA)

The Indian Muslim Welfare Association is an organization for Indian Muslims living in Kuwait. It is an all India body formed in the year 1994 that symbolizes Muslims from the different states of India who were residing in Kuwait to assemble them under one umbrella which was named later as the Indian Muslim Welfare Association


Its vision is to create a unified understanding amongst the Muslims residing in Kuwait and who are from the different states of India on one common platform and functioned in a combined manner adhering to the teachings of Islam.


To commence and apply efficient program for social, economic, and instructive advancement of Muslims and also the other societies.

To encourage the Islamic teachings so as to develop an ideal surrounding for cultivate brotherhood, unity among all human beings

To encourage educational activities by conducting lectures, seminars, students counselling for career development and spreading consciousness on the present affairs.

To build liaison with the Indian Government for carrying out welfare and educational programs and to collaborate with the local authorities.



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