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IKFS requests Minister of Indian Overseas to appoint medical missions in Indian Embassies.

Dear Your Excellency Shri Vayalar Raviji,

We, Indo-Kuwait Friendship Society, a non-profit socio-cultural friendship association in Kuwait hereby request your Excellency to appoint Medical Missions combining of minimum 5 members in each Indian Missions abroad.

Dr. Ghalib Al-Mashoor, President of IKFS said in the press release that We are proud that under Your Excellency’s leadership and guidance the present UPA Government is doing excellent works for the betterment of Overseas Indians. IKFS understands that Indian Overseas Ministry is spending Crores of Rupees for the appointments and maintaining of several missions such as Diplomatic, Military, Councillor, Education, Commercial, and Socio-cultural activities in more than 100 countries of the globe and establishing “Medical Missions” composing of experts in “Psychiatrical and psychological treatments”.

There are so many incidents taking place recently in various countries including Kuwait and GCC countries with deliberate acts of killing himself/herself.. One can understand that each expatriate Indian is facing delicate situations when he/she reaches first time in a country where the bond of cultural differences will shut his/her daily routine habits he/she was doing since childhood. That means it is easy a person can go wrong or may do anything deliberately which will (one sense) harm himself/herself without looking the aftermath of the incident, ending his or her tragic death or which will end up with severe injuries with so called “self inflicted loss of life”. As everybody knows that to save a person’s life is more valuable than this globe’ entire wealth.

IKFS is fully aware that by establishing a unit of “MEDICAL MISSION” in each Embassies will save lives of hundreds of Indians who become addicted to the psychiatircal disorders and later they become opting for suicides. Under the coordination of Indian Associations in each country these Medical Doctors can visit and arrange counselling classes for these unfortunate persons and we can rescue them by the grace of almighty GOD. Embassy Patronized Medical Doctors can guide and make the situation of delectations to the person who are facing language and communication barriers , job and other family problems etc…

Therefore, we urge Your Excellency to establish immediately and appoint “Medical Missions” in each Indian Embassies Abroad including Kuwait and all GCC Countries where millions of Indians work as a “Donkey” and it’s Your Excellency’s responsibility’ to avail them enough care…and protect their life and properties.

Indo-Kuwait Friendship Society IKFS extends all the support to Govt. of India, Govt. of Kuwait, Indian Embassy in Kuwait in case of any assistance required. There will be a great added value if the appointments are implemented as soon as possible. Time will not wait Your Excellency………Your immediate action will definitely evict from the various Physchatric and mental problems of fellow citizens.

With best regards,




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