Dennlys Parc, Dennebrœucq

The Dennlys Parc is an amusement park located at Dennebrœucq commune in France’s Nord-Pas-de-Calais region. A tortoise by name Denno is the mascot for the park.

The park has a total of 15 rides out of which there are 2 water rides, and 2 roller coasters.


You can enjoy riding the Furio roller coaster constructed by Preston & Barbieri in the year 2010. You can also take pleasure in riding the Furion train built by Soquet in 2003 and also the Tornado rollercoaster.

Some of the other attractions in the park:

A visitor can also enjoy the other rides like the rotary ride called the Cannibal Pots. He can also take pleasure in riding the Monorail Denno, the ghostly housed and the scenic views known as the Chateau hanté, the Rokin'Tug, Rio Grande – Train and the Water spots area called as the La Place des Geyser

Admission fees

For adults the ticket is 13. 50 €

For Infants the admission fees is 11. 50 €


Dennlys Parc
5 StarParc d'attractions du moulin de la tour
62560 Dennebroeucq
Tel: (33) 3 21 95 11 39
Fax: 0321956358
Email: [email protected]

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