Culture of Newzealand


The culture of Newzealand is basically Maori civilization. The family is of extended type, i.e, it is a mixture of the aged, young people with kids. The men are the head, and bed winner for the family. The women look after the household. Nearly two third of the women population in NewZealand are housewives. The women do not prefer others as babysitter, and themselves look after their kids. Apart from, childcare, and household activities, the women also get involved in farm activities and gardening.

Most of the families follow the extended family type. The elderly people live with their grownup children. Normally a NewZealand family consists of the elders, i.e., Grandpa, Grandma, father, mother and their children. The elderly people involve themselves in leisurely activities like attending concerts, playing sports like tennis or golf. Now a days due to the growing Maori population and division in Maori land, the farmers are unable to support their large family, the joint family has shrinked to nuclear family, the young couples move to urban areas in search of employment leaving the elder in village.


The New Zealand cuisine is mostly derived from native ingredients and seasonal disparities. The food pattern is almost akin to the foods of Australia, and follows, a varied British based cuisine. The New Zealanders consume pork, lamb, sweet potato (kumara), Bluff Oysters, crayfish, salmon, scallops, mussels, the nationwide dessert, Pavlova, etc.


The dress code in NewZealand is a manifestation of a sporty Kiwi fashion. The people wear dark business suits, trousers suits, and trendy evening dresses. In almost all official functions, tuxedos are worn. During the winter seasons the people wear jeans, polar fleece jackets, and lightweight walking boots.


The most popular and national sport of in New Zealand is rugby union. I. The people also play a variety of other sports like tennis, cricket, golf, swimming, water polo, rowing, snowboarding, skiing, basketball, etc.

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