Education in New Zealand

Education in New Zealand is a three stage system that comprises of primary schools, high schools (high schools) and tertiary learning at polytechnics or Universities.

PISA (Programme for International Student Assessment grades the education system of New Zealand as the world’s seventh most excellent method.

Early Childhood education

Several kids before going to schools indulge in some type of early childhood education.

Play center (right from birth to school age).

Kindergarten (from age three to five).

Kohanga Reo, a Maori language revival association to encourage, fortify and communication of Maori language.

Approved Early childhood hub (from the age of 0 to 5) (mostly owned privately)

Chartered Early Childhood hub (from the age of 0 to 5) (funded by the state).

Mandatory education (primary and secondary)

It is the right of the citizen as well as the permanent residents of New Zealand to have free primary & secondary education tuition from the pupil’s 5th birthday till the calendar year’s end subsequent the 19th birthday of the student, and is mandatory for pupils in between the age of six and sixteen (fifteen with school and parental consent).A latest proposal from the New Zealand Government called as the School Plus, advocates the student to be in any type of education till the age of eighteen. The physically challenged students with particular educational requirement can remain in school till the calendar year’s end, when they reach the age of 21.

Even though the free tuition is funded by the State for the citizens and permanent residents of NewZealand, the pupil should pay their own money for the lesson materials and bear the other associated costs.

Most pupils attend school from the age of five and study for a complete thirteen years. Pupil who are residing more than five kilometers from the nearest school, are excused from attending the school, however they have to get register in correspondence schools.

Kinds of Schools

Contributing Primary school: Years 1 to 6 (Five to eleven years of age). No private contributing primaries.

Full primary school: Years 1 to 8 (five to thirteen years of age). Regular amid incorporated and private institutions.

Intermediate school: Years 7 to 8 (Ten to thirteen years of age). Only 2 non-state intermediate institutions prevail.

Secondary school: Years Nine to thirteen (twelve to eighteen years of age)


Normally, the duration for Bachelors degree is 3 years, and an additional year of education secures, an honours degree for a student.

Some of the renowned universities in NewZealand

Victoria University of Wellington (Wellington)

Lincoln University (Lincoln, Canterbury)

Auckland University of Technology (Auckland)

University of Auckland (Auckland)

Massey University (Auckland, Palmerston North, Wellington)

University of Canterbury (Christchurch)

University of Waikato (Hamilton)

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