Turtle Reserve

The beaches extending from Ras Al Hadd to Masirah Island in the A'Sharqiyah Region are considered a turtle reserve, including the green turtle, which is a rare turtle that returns every year to lay its eggs on the same beach where it was born decades ago.

Ras Al Jins is a quiet sanctuary for turtles where they lay their eggs, securing the continued survival of the species and protecting them from extinction.

Apart from the turtle breeding season (which extends throughout the year in varying degrees), you can enjoy the beauty of the beach and view the magnificent tracks left by the turtles.

A scientific centre has been established containing illustrative displays of the turtles laying their eggs.

The reserve is 65 kilometers east of Sur City and can be reached through Al `Ayjah village.

To visit the Reserve, you must book in advance with the Turtle reserve Management Company in Ras Al Jins at the following
email address: [email protected]
contact phone number +968-96550606 or +968-96550707.
Web: www.rasaljinz-turtlereserve.com

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