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One year jail for expats for stealing TV
One year jail for expats for stealing TV

A Doha Criminal Court has sentenced two Asian expatriates to one year in jail each for stealing a TV from a farm, local Arabic daily Al Sharq has reported.
The court has also ordered their deportation upon completion of the prison term.
Another person, also an Asian expatriate, has been ordered to pay a fine of QR3,000 for helping the two hide the stolen TV.
According to the testimony of the farm owner, he found the TV - worth QR7,000 - missing when he went to tent on the farm one day. He learnt from a guard working on a neighbouring farm that two persons had entered the place with a pickup and taken the TV. Similar testimony was provided by another person as well.
The court convicted the three men but gave them a lenient sentence because they did not have any criminal record and the TV owner had relinquished his legal rights.


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