What you should do if you’re Iqama is lost?

Iqama’s importance in Saudi Arabia does not require an introduction. If you are already residing in Saudi Arabia, then you are well aware that everything depends on Iqama. If you are caught without your Iqama in your possession, you will be charged with a fine of about SR 3000 and you can be expelled from Saudi Arabia.

This article explains the procedure on what to do in case if your Iqama is lost.

Report immediately

In case if your Iqama is lost, the first and foremost thing you need to do is to report immediately. Many expatriates are under the wrong impression that they can wait till the expiry of Iqama and during the renewal time they can get a new Iqama. However in Saudi Arabia, this is not the case. Your existing Iqama need to be surrendered to the Jawazat.

Ensure that you always keep your contact particulars along with your Iqama in your wallet. In case if your Iqama is lost, someone may get in touch with you through your contact details and return your most valuable thing.

Procedures to follow if you have lost your Iqama

The first and foremost thing you need to do is to contact your sponsor immediately and report your lost Iqama. However prior to doing this, ensure that you thoroughly check from your side if you have kept somewhere else. Please note it is not an easy procedure to get back your Iqama.

Go with your GRO or Kafeel

You should report to the police regarding lost Iqama. Do not go in person as you will be encountering several troubles during registering your report. To be frank the police will never register your report. Request your company’s Government relations officer (GRO) or Kafeel to accompany you for this reason. GRO would be a person of Saudi Nationality with some contact with the higher authorities and he will help you in getting your report registered. While registering a report you need to explain the reason how your Iqama got lost. Please not your application must be in Arabic.

A fee of SR 1000 should be paid for the Iqama it is for the 1st time. A fee of SR 2000 & SR 3000 if the Iqama is lost for the 2nd & 3rd time respectively.

As per some news reports, the fine of SR 1000 is waived off, if the Iqama is lost and within 24 hours if it is reported to the police. But in case if you get a fee waiver it will be of no use to you, as the police will never register your case on the 1st day. You need to go to police station several times for getting your report registered.


The next procedure is the Jawazat. Your GRO or Kafeel has to go to the Jawazat to write a letter in the Arabic language. In the application he need to explain how you’re Iqama got lost and the place where it got lost. Even though this activity is done at the police station it has to be also mentioned in the letter. Ensure that the letter written by the GRO or Kafeel includes these aspects. The letter must be written in your sponsor’s letterhead and must duly be authorized by the Chamber of Commerce. If you happened to be an employee in the public sector or working in any of the government organization such as ARAMCO, Saudi Airlines or in the organizations in which 50 % is owned by the countries such as SABIC then you need not require certification from the Chamber of Commerce.

If the remaining period of your Iqama happens to be 1 year or less than that you need to pay Iqama for one year i.e., an amount of SR 500/-. Payment can be performed from your online account.

Along with your police report, you’re GRO or Kafeel has to submit the written application, and other documents such as payment proof for fine (S R 1000) & (S R 500), your passport copy, 2 photographs, lost Iqama copy and duly filled form to the Jawazat.

If all goes fine, on the same day itself, your Kafeel will be able to obtain the print of the new Iqama or on the next day of providing all the documents.

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