Utilizing a valid EU issued License, while in France

A driving license got from an EU member can be used in France provided it has to meet the following requirements

It should be a valid license

The bearer of the license complete the minimum required age ( 16 yrs of age of license under the category A1, B1, and 18yrs of age for license under the categories of A, B, C, E (B), E(C) and 21 yrs of age for D &E(D) licensees.

The license talks about if an individual wears recommended bespectacled, or is qualified to drive a modified vehicle.

The bearer of the license was not banned or suspended from driving in the nation that gave the license

The license was not given in substitute for a non-French fulfilling non-EU license

The license was not given, whilst the individual was banned from being issued a French license.

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