United States Education System

The public sector mostly offers the education in the united states with the help of the funds obtained from there levels, such as federal, state, and local. The education for children in the United States is mandatory.

The public education is globally obtainable. By means of locally elected school boards, the school curricula, teaching, funding, employment are set, with influence above school districts through various directions from the state legislature.

The age for the mandatory education varies in different state. It commences form the age of five to eight and concludes by the age of 14 to 18.

Generally the compulsory education for the kids are fulfilled by enlightening the kids in the public schools, recognized home school program or state licensed private schools. The education is separated into three stages- elementary school, middle school (sometime also known as junior high school) and high school (sometimes called as secondary education)

Elementary School

In the Unite States, the elementary school encompasses kindergarten by means of fifth grade. The fundamental subjects are educated in the elementary school, and the children remain throught the day in one or two classrooms. The physical education, music, library and art classes remain an exception during this elementary stage.

Normally, the individual school districts determine the curriculum for the elementary education.

Secondary education

The Secondary education is divided among middle school to junior high school, normally commencing eighth the 6th or 7th grade (at approximately the age of 12 years or 13 years) and the high school commencing with the ninth grade (at roughly the age of 15 years).

Middle School

Middle School (still normally known as the older names “Junior high schools” and the “intermediate school”) are schools that span grades 6 throughout 8 or 9.

In middle school, foreign language or higher math and science classes are also taken up by some of the students. Normally the schools provide French, Spanish, German languages. Sometimes the schools also offer Latina and very rarely the Chinese, Japanese or Greek language.

High Schools

Normally the high school runs from either 9 to 12 grades or from 10 to 12 grades.

Special residential school are operated by some schools for the sake of deaf and blind students

Likewise residential high schools are also operated by several schools for the extremely gifted students in dedicated areas like science, math or arts).

Home Schooling

In the United States about 2.9% of the students constitute the home schooling.

The home schooling laws are divided into three groupings

In few states, the requirements for homeschooling depend on its treatment as a kind of private school (For Instance, Indiana, California, and Texas).

In some states, the necessities for homeschooling are based on the distinctive wording of the compulsory attendance of the statute of the state.

College and University

In the United States, the Post-secondary education are called as college or University and is normally comprises of 4 years of learning at an institute of higher education.

Harvard University

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Yale University

Georgetown University

The University of Pennsylvania

University of Virginia

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