Table Mountain

A prominent landmark in South Africa that overlooks the city of Cape Town is the flat topped table mountain at an elevation of 1,084m(3,558 ft). The table mountain is portrayed in the local government symbols and flag of Cape Town. It is a noteworthy tourist attraction with several people reaching the mountain by means of cable way or mountaineering to the top. The table forms a portion of the Table town national park.

Table Mountain National park


The flora comprises of vegetation like Protea, restio, endemic, Asteraceae species in addition to are the geophytes all are seen in large quantity. Silver tree is a prominent local tree.


Mountain zebra, eland, bonetok and little mammals like rock hyrax, caracals are found in the park. The other animals seen in the park are some antelope species like Cape Grysbok and klipspringer.The most popular animal among the tourists is the Chacma Baboons. They are found in the southern portion of the park. The table mountain Ghost frog is the only rare endemic amphibian species.

Other tourist attractions

The boulder’s beach located at the south of the Simon's town has the biggest colony of African Penguins.

A two picturesque spots that is worth visiting is, The Cape point an the Cape of Good Hope

Other activities carried out at the Table Mountain are trekking, rock climbing, walking etc.


Cape Town, South Africa


There are a number of accommodations available at the Table mountain some of them are

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