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Review of Nokia 111


Nokia has always strived to uphold the faith of is customers. Apart from producing the sophisticated sci-fiction models, the Finnish mobile giant has been constantly fulfilling the requirements of the customers in the basic mobile segment. All the previous basic editions such as 1200, 1100, 1208 etc have been successful model. Nokia 111 is the latest fundamental model which has come with some aspects that have been evolved over a past few years period.

The new Nokia 111 is available in diverse colors like Magenta, Black, Cyan and Lime Green colors.


Nokia 111 is an uncomplicated mobile phone that arrives with conventional pattern with a few manipulations. The greatest benefit of Nokia 111 is its sturdiness .The previous edition in the basic model segment also proved to be sturdy and dependable. Since the Asian people have only minimum buying power and they require phone not for fashion or enjoyment, but for usefulness and requirement, the Nokia 111 can be their ideal phone. It would satisfy all their necessities and would be a sure success in eh Asian marketplace.

The mobile has a 32 GB memory card capability, which is a friendly one. This aspect has become one of its major appeals. No such attribute were offered in the previous editions. In order to get such kind of memory space, an individual must choose a costly phone.

Nokia 111 also comes with a VGA camera, which certainly would not be a major player, however its inclusion is sure to satisfy a number of customers.

Other important aspects in Nokia 111 are inspiring phone book ability, radio, mp3 player, etc. The mobile can be perfect pastime for an individual listening to his favorite music from his personal selection stocked up in big memory storage space.


On its release, the Nokia 111 is sure to steal several hearts. If an individual goes to shop and personally evaluate this mobile phone one will identify this type as per the requirement of vast section. Nokiia is a promotion mastermind which completely recognizes its consumers and their explicit attributes. This will be an ideal phone for those who wish to have a strong and useful mobile phone perhaps due to simpler requirements or lower purchasing power.

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