Procedures To Obtain The Police Clearance Certificate From India when you are in Saudi Arabia

A frequent mistakes committed by many individuals when they leave Saudi Arabia at the period of final exit visa is not obtaining a police clearance certificate from the police department. It is one of the most vital point which this article highlights on. Procedure for applying for PCC (Police Clearance Certificate) is different if you are applying from the kingdom of Saudi Arabia. This article explains the step by step method on how to get PCC from India or home country of the applicant as well as when he is in Saudi Arabia. These procedures are somewhat a long & complex and utmost patience is required to go through it.

Procedures that need to be done in India (home country)

1. The first thing you need to do is to lookout for a person who can on your behalf,bear the trouble of going to the various departments. The person can either be your friend or family member or relative.

2. You need to go the police station present in your area and obtain the finger printing card from them. This is to ascertain that the individual requesting for the PCC is the same person residing in Saudi Arabia. The contents present in the PCC must be translated into the Arabic language and must be stamped by the Saudi Embassy.

3. When you visit the Saudi Embassy in India (home country) for getting the finger printing card attestation, request and obtain a PCC (Police Clearance Certificate) form from them. The form must be filled in the Arabic language and you need to get attestation from the Embassy. This procedure is not automatically done, you need to ask your sponsor (employer) in Saudi Arabia to provide you a Clearance certificate, NOC ( No Objection Certificate or release letter) specifying that you have no commitment (obligation) to them.

4. You need to write a letter to the Indian embassy in Saudi Arabia declaring that you require a PCC and that you are approving your friend or relative to obtain it on your behalf. You need to affix along with your letter two photographs (passport size), your Iqama copy ( while you are in Saudi Arabia), your passport copy of the period while you are in Saudi Arabia. You need to affix all exit & entry pages to Saudi Arabia in the passport. Ensure that you never miss even a single page.

5. Other procedures are similar to the procedures carried for getting a PCC when you are in Saudi Arabia. The only difference found in the procedures in India (home country) is that your friend or relative has to perform everything on your behalf.

Procedures to get PCC when you are in Saudi Arabia

1. The first thing you need to do is to request for an approval letter from the Indian embassy. Likewise the standard application form is available in all the embassy. You need to duly fill in the form and the fees should be paid. Then affix your Iqama copy along with your application form and submit at your embassy located in Saudi Arabia. The processing procedure may differ from embassy to embassy. Normally it takes 7 days for getting this letter processed.

2. Once you get the endorsement letter from your embassy. You need to visit the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) with your Iqama & passport copy. You will be provided with a form which you need duly fill and submit back to them together with the approval copy of all your papers. You need to pay a fee amount of SR 100.

3. When the MOFA has verified your letter, you need to visit the police station in your area with the entire set of documents. It is advisable that you visit the police station along with your company’s Government relations officer (Kafeel). When you go alone, you will not be properly treated and you need to face a lot of difficulties. Hence go with your Government relation officer as he will be having contacts with the high officials which will facilitate your PCC procedures to be performed in a smooth and swift manner. Ensure that you have already performed your finger print scanning. Verify online whether your finger print scanning has been done properly.

4. The police officer will inform you the anticipated date of receiving your PCC (Police Clearance Certificate). It is suggested that you go three days after the anticipated date as suggested by the police officer and collect your PCC.

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