Facts for foreign tourist regarding driving in the US

In order to facilitate the concerned officials in the aboard nations to understand your license, your IDP (International driving license (IDP) will convert the particulars displayed on your driving license into ten languages. A valid government issued license is supplemented by the IDP; however it will not serve up as a substitute. If any law enforcement agency stops you, you should produce before them both the formal driving license as well as the IDP. The international driving permits are not issued by the US for the foreign tourists. So it is mandatory, that you should acquire this document, prior to your visit to the US.

If you have decided to take up residence in the US, then upon your arrival in the US, you need to acquire a US driver’s license; however it may take some months to get your US driver license.

The foreign visitor cannot obtain a driver license from the federal government. They can only acquire a driver license only from the state, in which they take up residence. Each state in the US has its own set of rules and regulations. So you need to checkout the motor vehicle department of your state, in which you reside and then apply.

Once you have acquired your US driving license, then you are entitled to drive in all the states, however the rules differ in each state. Hence it is your duty to know the rules and regulations of each state, and act accordingly.

If you are coming to the US with the intention to study here, then the college or university in which you plan to study will provide you with additional information on driving in the US.

Strict warnings have been issued by the Government of US regarding some dubious vendors selling online some fake or useless driver’s permit or license. Hence it is very vital that you should have a thorough knowledge regarding these fraudulent activities and should know what should be done and not what not should be done and act as per the rules. You can make use of the federal trade commission’s International driver’s license warnings, which will be of immense help to you.

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