Procedures For Getting Residence Permits For Family Members In Saudi Arabia

This article briefs on how Indians and other nationals can apply for visa for their family member (spouse & children) in Saudi Arabia

A majority of employees from India and other countries can obtain visa to reside in Saudi Arabia. These are normally arranged and paid by the organization or employer with the employee in charge of furnishing the necessary documents. Male dependent kids should be below 18 years of age. Once they turn 18, a separate application should be furnished for them. Female dependent kids should be bachelor (unmarried).

Male employee can opt and land in Saudi Arabia, ahead of their family members, even as Residence permit is confirmed. In the meantime they can arrange for the schooling & housing and commence the visa application procedure for their family members. It might be feasible for the employer to make arrangements in advance for the family visa for an employee prior to his arrival in Saudi Arabia. However this must be confirmed at the time of discussions for the job.


The intial procedure you need to do is to apply for the a residence visa to enter Saudi Arabia. While applying for the residency for an employee, the residence visa application procedures will be normally carried out by the employer. The following are the needed documents

1. Original passport – should be valid for atleast 1 year (12 months) and should have minimum 2 successive empty pages.

2. One passport photo (Color)

3. Duly filled application form – this will be offered by the employer or can be got from the Saudi embassy or consulate located in employee’s home country. The application form must be completed in black ink or printed.

4. Marriage certificate ( while applying for your wife (spouse))

5. Birth certificate ( needed for all application, for your kids and also for your wife).

6. three copies of medical report ( 3 passport photographs) authorizing the applicant is without or free from HIV virus and other infectious diseases. This medical report must be given by a physician from a clinic which is endorsed by the Saudi embassy or consulate located in the employee’s home country within 3 months of applying. Each copy should bear the physcian’s signature together with his name, address, licence number (wherever it is appropriate). Kids below the age of 16 need not require this medical certificate.

7. Announcement of the Residence visa’s number that is being applied for by the employer (sponsor) from the Saudi Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the issue date.

8. Application fee: The application fee must be paid by the employer even though it has to be submitted in the employee’s home nation.

Normally the employer (sponsor) carries out the application procedure on the employee’s behalf. If any portion of the procedure needs the assistance of the applicant with the Saudi embassy or consulate in their home nation, then the precise obligation must be offered by the sponsor, the government relation official or the HR department of the employer.

Transforming into a residence permit

Once the landing in Saudi Arabia, the residence visa has to be transformed into a Residence permit (Iqama).

This application procedure will be carried out by the employer (Sponsor). The passports of the employee’s family members are needed together with the other credentials as asked by the government relations official or sponsor. The procedure takes some months.

Once the residence permit is issued, they are provided to the employee; in return, the employer keeps in his possession the employee’s passport. The passport will be returned to the employee only when an exit or re-entry visa is asked for to vacate the nation or the contract of the employee has ended. Wherever, the employee goes he should carry his original residence permit. At any time the police or other government officials may ask you to show your residence permit. In case if you do not have in your possession at the time of inspection, a fine will be issued.

While you original passport will be kept by your employer, you need to have the copies of the main pages of your passport along with residence or employment visa must be kept in your possession. It is better to have copies of residence permit, in case if your original residence permit gets lost, you can apply for a new one.

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