Visa And Immigration
Work Visa
The requirements for work visa include visa application form, employee passport, passport size photograph, sponsorship letter, copy of employment contract, and a health record from an authorized clini... Read More
Transit Visa
A Transit Visa is issued to individuals of any licensed company such as trading companies or hotels, with authorization for applying such a type of visa. It has a 14-day validity period and can be ren... Read More
Visit Visa and Transit Visa
There are broadly two types of visas – Visit Visas and Transit Visas, and they are issued based on the duration of stay requested. Visit Visas are issued to people sponsored by a company operating i... Read More
Bahrain Visa and Immigration
Visa requirements for entering Bahrain vary depending on nationalities and therefore, it is always advised to check regulations before traveling. At present, every nationality entering Bahrain require... Read More