Kuwait car passing procedure

The following are the procedures for car passing

The day before your car passing you need to have your car insurance renewed

The car passing office is opened at 7.30 am

Ensure that your vehicle is in a clean condition.

The car passing office is adjacent to the UN round about (fourth ring road)

You need to show the renewed insurance paper at the entrance gate. The police will inform you in which line you need to go.

You need to follow the other cars, when you are inside the campus, your car will be checked by the police for any damage. They will check whether your car lights are working and in good condition. Then the police will ask you to accelerate your car to check whether the emitted smoke is dark or not. If you happen to have a new car, you will not be having these kinds of checking procedures.

Once the police get satisfied with their checking, you will be asked to move your vehicle. You will be seeing another police man who would at 50 meter distance. From him you need to get the signature as well as the seal. Your car passing procedure is finished. In order to obtain a new book you need to submit all your signed paper to the muroor of your area i.e. traffic dept with a 5KD stamp. It takes only about two hours to complete your entire car passing procedure.

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