Kidzania, Mall Of Arabia

Kidzania is one of the most popular indoor amusement park situated in the Mall of Arabia.


This renowned edutainment center offers for the kids a secure, peculiar, and very sensible instructive surroundings which permits the children in the age group of 3 to 13 years to perform what comes in nature for them role-playing by conventionally imitating the grown-up performance . Just in the actual world, the kids carryout jobs and are paid for their jobs such as ( doctor, fireman, journalist, police officer, shopkeeper, journalist, etc) or reimburse for the shop or to get amused. The indoor amusement centre is a metropolis that is constructed to scale for the kids, absolute with the structure, cemented streets, a working economy & the identifiable objectives in the shape of organizations supported & branded by the foremost native & multi-national brands.

Funfilled activity for which your kids get paid

At the kidzania located in Mall of Arabia you can come across numerous role playing activities with an array of complexity stages to meet up the capabilities & welfare of every child. Your child can opt to disburse for the services & goods with the individual currency of Kidzania or they can select to work. You kids can play the role of pilots steering the airplanes, as police officials to carryout investigation or policing work, as TV anchors to read the news or as the pizza chiefs to prepare the delicious recipes.

Kidzania is a absolute city meant for the kids. It is equipped with bank, beautysalon,firestation, hospital, theatre, supermarket, TV station, etc. Your kids will be paid for the jobs with the KidZos, KidZania’s official currency.

Opening hours

From Saturday to Thursday

KidZania opened from 10:00am to- 11:30pm

On Fridays

KidZania opened from 2:30pm to 11:30pm



Mall of Arabia

Nuzhah District

P.O Box: 126359 Jeddah 21352

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Telephone: 00966126123100

E-mail: [email protected]

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