Check your Saudi Iqama Status Online

How to check your Saudi Iqama Status?

  • Scroll down the above box until you find the below image
  • Then enter your Iqama Number in the 2nd field (1st Red Circle).
  • Then click the Find button (2nd Red Circle). Then wait for the response.
  • Then scroll down the above box and you will find the below image.
  • If you see a RED color bar then there is a problem. If you see a GREEN color bar then there is no problem.

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Dhananjay Singh - May 23
what it doesnt work , no green no red .. help me...
shihab mavoor - May 08
If there is RED color bar then what is the problem ?
My Iqama RED color..!
shaji saleem - Apr 24
ente iqama no. adichitt onnum kaanikkunnilla
Mathar Administrator - Apr 18
Hi Mohsin post ur iqama number to check.
Mohsin khan - Apr 18
my ikama shows voilet
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