Al Harthy Complex

Easily recognisable by its uniqe design which features a star filled dome, the Al Harthy Complex has spacious floors of shopping with over 100 retail shops.

From textiles, antiques, perfumes, children's toys and games, fashion and beauty products, computer accessories, and watches to books, greeting cards and flowers, everything is available at the complex.

Raymond Weil, Hallmark cards, Ouiset, Bally, Xerox are some of the brands that grace the shops.With a video and amusement arcade,the laser game Q-zar and Sindbad's play city, the complex is a hot favourite with children.

For lunch or a snack one can step into Kargeen Coffee Shop, or stop by for a bite at Burger King.

Location : Qurm
PO Box : 20 , Al Harthy Complex, Postal Code 118
Tel: 24564481 , Fax : 24560581
Information Desk: 24560454

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