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Spokentwitter - Time Saver API to update Twitter
Tired at times to update your twitter? Then use SpokenTwitter - a Twitter API that allows you to update your Twitter Status just by Speaking your tweets. Thus acting as a relevant Time Saving application.

How To Spoken tweet?
1. Visit

2. Enable Spokentwitter to post to your Twitter Account

3. Register your phone number... and you  are Done!!!

4. Dial SpokenTwitter Access number nearest to you, speak your tweets and Hang up.

Voicetweets sent via Spokentwitter are updated on Twitter just within a few seconds. Besides there are many more Features offered by Spokentwitter.
1. Tweet above 140 characters of Text.
2. Voicetweet Unlimited for Free!
3. Speak in Any Language.
4. Reply, Retweet, Delete from your phone.
5. Lets your followers listen to your real voice.
6. Speak your Tweets through Spokentwitter and get Unlimited US Calling Free!!!

So Guys!! Get going. Register on Spokentwitter today and Save your time.

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