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Spokentwitter - Speaks to Twitter
Spokentwitter is a Twitter Application that lets you update your Twitter just by speaking.

Spokentwitter allows you to speak your tweets in Any Language and with Unlimited Recording Length. An Ideal Tool recommended for Journalists, News Reporters, TV Anchors and Interviewers. Also it is a great assisting tool for Visually Impaired so that they can also post tweets just by speaking them.

How to Spokentweet?

1. Visit

2. Enable Spokentwitter to post to your Twitter Account

3. Register your phone number... and you  are Done!!!

4. Dial SpokenTwitter Access number nearest to you, speak your tweets and Hang up.

You Spoken tweets will be updated on your Twitter immediately.

Your followers get to listen to your voice.. Speak to your followers via SpokenTwitter.

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