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For Sale: Brother PR1000e Embroidery Machine (1 Head 10 Needles)
Brother PR1000e Embroidery Machine
PRICE: $3,670 USD

We have different kinds of sewing/embroidery machines for sale. If you are interested in any of these embroidery machines, feel free to contact us"""

e-mail for pricing and information:
Names: Sean Wu
Email: [email protected]

Brother PR1000e Embroidery Machine
- 1 Head and 10 Needles   
- Easy threading with unique Flexible Threading System   
- Easy embroidery positioning with camera sensor system   
- Extra large 360 x 200mm embroidery area   
- Extra wide Cap frame   
- LED thread guide   
- Link multiple machines via a single PC   
- Built-in Embroidery Patterns:   110 designs   
- Stitch Select Display:   Touch Panel   
- Lighting:   Bright LED   
- Warranty:   24 Months Warranty

Please make order online by emailing us.

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