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Effective Content Marketing - Structure Is The Key
Content marketing is a very effective online marketing strategy if done correctly. As labor intensive as this particular approach to marketing on the internet may be you want to be sure your content is easy to read. It would be a pity to invest the time and effort into creating content that few show an interest in even reading.

When you are using content to expand your online exposure you need to be sure it is 'inviting' and 'easy' to read. Here is a 7 point checklist you can use when creating content to help make it both enticing and easy to read to get the most out of your efforts.

Headlines That Are Relevant and Compelling

Create headlines that quickly give any viewers an idea about what they can expect from reading your content. If the topic you are writing about allows for a shocking or humorous title than by all means develop something that will help capture the readers' attention.

Get to Your Point

Try to make your point early on in the content so readers know what they can expect when they read further on. When you are trying to promote something than create an urge or need immediately within your text for what you promote to entice people to continue reading.

Easy to Read Format

Pay close attention to the layout when creating content and try to make it as easy for readers to scan as possible. By using a format such as listing your points or benefits and also using bold subtitles you are allowing people to 'brief' over the content to determine what it contains.

Minimize Words per Page

Do not try and 'jam' too many words onto a single page since this will discourage many people from even reading any of the text. Imagine what it is like to land on a page that is covered with words from margin to margin. Avoid losing a person interest even BEFORE they have read a single word by narrowing your margins on all 4 sides of your text. Strive for about 50 percent coverage on a single page with any text you are presenting

In addition make every attempt to keep your sentences and your paragraphs as short as possible when creating content. Breaking up your text like this minimizes the eye strain of readers and gives your content a less than intimidating appearance to anybody who lands on the page.

Speak Simply

Make your points as plainly as possible. Simply stating what it is you are trying to say will allow 'everybody' to understand your content. Keep in mind that for the most part you are writing for the masses so develop your content so that it can be understood by anyone.

Proper Keyword Use

Be sure you include the most appropriate keywords within the body and title of your content. When marketing on the internet this helps search engines find your content more easily and results in a higher search engine ranking and more traffic.

Accurate Information

Using content to promote anything is an effective online marketing strategy ONLY if the content contains accurate information so check your sources be

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