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I-797 for UK transit visa
Hi, my H1B visa expires soon and I need a UK transit visa for my trip to India via Heathrow. I have an I-797C notice of approval for renewing my visa (which I will be getting stamped in India).
My question is whether I need to submit my I-797 for my UK transit visa application. My H1B will be valid at the time of visa application but would have expired by the time I travel.
I'm a little wary about sending in my original I-797 (they only want originals, no copies) because it is a super complicated process if it gets lost/misplaced in the mail or by a consulate employee.
Please tell me if you think I should submit my original I-797 with my UK transit visa application (along with passport containing H1B visa and all other documents).
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RE: I-797 for UK transit visa
Hello verma,
I have a similar situation as of yours.
Did you send in your I-797?
Do I have to send I-797 or a valid I-94 is sufficient?
Appreciate your reply.

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