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Country not available

My Name is Mohideen Mohamed Ashraf.

I am In Uganda (East Africa). i didn't find the Country UGANDA in the list of countries while i register, so i have registered through south Africa.

i come to know abt this web site through my friend who is in Kuwait.

i here by humbly request to add the country UGANDA in the list to make my friends in uganda also use this web site.

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RE: Country not available
Hi Ashraf,

Thanks for your interest in our website.

Your request will be considered soon... In the meantime we need more replies to this topic from your country.

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RE: Country not available
I admit your request and am in Dammam, KSA. How you find Uganda . . . . it is safest place for Indians .... came to know there are many Indians are there . . . . What is  your work there and where are  you in Uganda .... Explain more about Uganda ....   my mail id  rajoo_r1  at  yahoo dot com  regards  raju
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RE: Country not available
Dear Raju,

UGANDA is an African Country, in African countries UGANDA is most safest Country compare to other countries. am working as a Communication & Infrastructure MANAGER in one of the Corporate bank here in Uganda. Evan I have my family with me herein Uganda. am in Capital city of UGANDA i.e KAMPALA.

UGANDA is Very Nice place for tourism,places we have to visit here SOURCE OF NILE RIVER, MASINDI GAME RIDE, etc.   you can search in Google to find more about UGANDA.

Thanks For your Support and nice to meet you in abroad Indians.


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