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Saudi Engineer Council Registration
By this time all must be aware about SCE registration. below are queries in this forum to address:
1) How much time it takes to get feedback from SCE after submitting application online?
2) Is this regulation still valid or relaxed as heard from many?
3) Is it applicable to only Engineering firms and not to trading, general contracting firms?
4) It is known that there are many cases of people who are not actually engineer but working on engineer visa. So it means they have to exit? Is it true?
5) Can some one change over his visa title easily?

Please share your experience even if its other than above queries. I saw even the website design is so poor and illogical, that one has to take lots of stress in understanding the process of uploading the documents etc...its not really user friendly, as many of online applications we see on internet...

Thanks for all yoru feedbacks in advance//

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