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Firms in Oman defaulting on Eid wage to face action
Firms in Oman defaulting on Eid wage to face action

Muscat: Despite the decision of the Ministry of Manpower to private companies to pay salaries to employees for July before Eid Al Fitr, some still failed to comply and now face legal action from the ministry.

“The Ministry of Manpower received a number of complaints and has dealt with them directly,” said Salim Al Badi, general manager for labourers' welfare in the ministry.

The Times of Oman spoke to a reliable source at the ministry earlier who confirmed that private sector companies had to comply with the decision regarding payment of salaries in July, and any company violating it would face legal action.

The ministry also called on private sector employees who had not received their salaries by the deadline to report it to them.

“We have followed up with the companies which violated the decision,” said Al Badi.

He said that some of the companies complied with the decision only after they were questioned, but others still did not.

“These companies were fined and forced to pay salaries,” he said.

The owner of one of those companies which failed to pay said that it could not afford to do so.

“How can all companies pay salaries in the middle of the month,” he asked. His company is involved in construction and gets revenues from individuals only after Eid, he explained.

“The ministry should not force all companies to follow the same rule,” said the owner.

Another company owner, who did not wish to be identified, said that only 20 per cent of private sector employees are Omanis.

“Why should companies pay salaries to expatriates, especially those who are not Muslims,” asked the owner, but added that paying Muslims early is justified as they had to shop before Eid.


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