Yemen Education System

Basic Education

The Basic education in Yemen comprises of nine years of mandatory education of kids in the age groups between 6 to 14 years of age. In the year 2003, the Yemen government has expanded with an the National Basic Education Development Strategy with an objective to offer education to 95% of the children in Yemen, who are in the age groups between 6 to 14 years and also minimize the breach between the females and males in the rural and urban regions.

Some of the programs implemented in the Basic Education are,

Basic Education Expansion Program (BEEP): It aims to increase the enrollment of the girls in urban areas in the initial six years of fundamental education.

Basic Education Development Project (BEDP): It is a sequel to the BEEP. This World Bank approved program is executed with the assistance of Netherlands and DFID. The BEDP is involves in the school rehabilitation and construction (for 1 to 9 grades) comprising of hygienic washing of hands, to maintain the latrines in a hygienic manner, proper drinking water facilities, etc.

EFA-Fast Track Initiative (FTI):The program is launched as a universal partnership among the donor and the developing nations to speed up the Millennium development goals program intended for education in 2015.

Secondary Education

Subsequent to the nine years of education, the students get the Intermediate School Certificate and they attend the secondary school up to a period of three years. At the conclusion of the third year the student take the General Secondary education certificate exam known as 'Al Thanawiya ‘.

University Education

The University education in Yemen is for duration of four years, excluding Engineering and medicine which requires 5 & 6 years correspondingly.

Some of the well-known schools in Yemen are

• Turkish International Schools - Junior Section
• American School of Sana'a, Yemen
• Yemen Language Center
• Sanaa Institute of Arabic Language, Yemen
• American International School of Sanaa, Yemen

Some of the well-known universities in Yemen are

• Sana'a University
• University of Aden - Faculty of Education
• University of Science and Technology Sana'a
• Queen Arwa University
• Al-Ahgaff University
• Lebanese International University
• TCL Yemen - Tayba Center for Languages

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