Yemen culture

Social life

The Yemen constitution of 1994, has given equal right to woman. But exterior to the Yemen family, disparities in the gender are normally occurring in the society. The demarcation in sex is strongly advocated by the conservative religious authorities. The women are normally employed in sectors like health care and in education. The Yemen woman’s cultural traits comprises of decency, giving respect to the elders, and hospitality. Koran, the holy book has formed an integral part in their daily lives.


The cuisine of Yemen is completely different from the other well known Middle East cuisine and varies from area to area.
The Lamb and Chicken is more popular meat then beef among the Yemen people. The Yemen people consume less butter, cheese and other dairy items. However the people in villages drink buttermilk in abundance.

Although the different parts of Yemen have their individual food, the Saltah is regarded as the national dish of Yemen. Shakshouka is another popular food. It is a dish prepared with eggs poached in tomato sauce, onions, chili peppers, and onions mostly flavored with cumin. The dish is believed to have originated from Tunisia and Algeria.

Some of the other well-known Yemen foods are Aseed, Thareed, Fahsa, Manti, Shafut, Samak Mofa, Fattah, and Fatoot.


The Yemen people normally drape their heads with shiwal or thob. But the style of costume differs among the north and south Yemen. In some parts the people wear a flowing and complete thob. In the other parts of Yemen it is only a thin fitting. Mostly the women in Yemen wear fully draped black covering with Indigo known as Balto.


The most well-known sport in Yemen is football. Some of the other popular sports are biking, hill climbing, rock climbing, skiing, hiking, etc.

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