What you need to do if your passport is lost in Saudi Arabia?

If you happen to have lost your passport in Saudi Arabia, then do not bother as this article briefs on what you need to if you passport is lost.

Ensure whether your passport is really lost

This is the first and foremost thing you need to do. Ascertain by throughly checking your place. Once you have confirmed that your passport is lost, the next procedure you need to perform is to make an announcement about your lost passport in the news paper. In your newspaper advertisement you must mention your name, passport number, phone number and other contact details and must request the people to contact you if they happen to find your passport. The Newspaper comes with a common advertisement format which will be accepted by the Embassies & Consulates. You need to pay an amount of SR 100 for the normal advertisements. It is advisable that you make your advertisement in the English language which can be understood by the Embassies & Consulates. If you belong to any other Arabic or GCC country it is advisable that you advertise in an Arabic newspaper.

Report to the police about your lost Passport

The Next procedure is to go to the police station and report that your passport is lost. Please note that if your passport is lost by your friend, Kafeel or any other person please do disclose to the police, as it will further complicate the procedures. Just keep it simple, report to the police that the passport is lost because of your own mistake. The police will ask you to narrate the incident or story of how your passport got lost. Just tell them in a manner that it sounds authentic. If you are not well versed in Arabic, it is advisable to go with a person who is fluent in Arabic. Ask any of your friends or Government relations officer (Kafeel) to accompany you. Once your complaint is registered in the system, the police will provide a copy of your report.

Visit your Embassy or Consulate in Saudi Arabia

The next procedure you need to follow is to visit your embassy or consulate in Saudi Arabia. You need to go with the required documents (which are mentioned below). Your application will be processed by your country’s embassy or consulate and will offer a receipt to collect the passport on a particular date. You must go on that particular date to your embassy or consulate to collect your new passport.

The following are the documents which you need to show at your embassy for getting a new passport.

  • Newspaper in which your advertisement for lost passport was published
  • Police report copy
  • Your Iqama copy (if you happen to be a resident of Saudi Arabia)
  • Lost passport copy
  • Fees for getting the new passport.

Address of Indian embassy in Saudi Arabia

B-1, Diplomatic Quarter,

PO Box 94387, Riyadh 11693,

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Working Hours

9.00 AM to 5.30 PM (Sunday to Thursday)

Tel. Nos.: 011-4884144/ 4884691 / 4884692/ 4884252 Fax No. : 011-4884750

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