US restructures Summer Work Travel Visa against misuses

On May4, 2012, the state department has declared major modifications for its summer work and Travel program, one of its main cultural exchange program in order to combat against the latest extensive abuses.

The reforms for the J-1 Summer Work Travel Program is the recent amendment in a sequence of measures undertaken by the State Department to enhance the program following a 2010 inquiry carried out by the Associated pres which found out several abuses.

Annually, by means of the J-1 Summer Work Travel Program (formed under the 1961 Fulbright – Hay Act), more than 1,00,000 foreign students come to the US and are permitted to stay, live and work in the US for a duration of four months. The main aim of the program was to develop cultural understanding, but as per the latest announcement the work constituent has frequently surpassed the main cultural constituent essential for the Summer Work Travel agenda to be reliable with the purpose of the Fulbright-Hays Act.

The State department said that it has come to know that the unlawful associations were engaging participants to carry out illegal activities such as illegitimate transfer of money, the formation of counterfeit businesses, and immigration law violations.

The fresh rules is all set to make sure that the abroad students can obtain a fair treatment and occupations promising publicity to the culture of US and also to interact more effectively with its citizens.

The fresh rules will prevent the applicants from functioning in “goods producing” businesses like construction, manufacturing and agriculture. The applicant will also be prohibited from working in professions, which has the main working hours from 10am to 6 pm. Some of the new amendments will also prevent the sponsors from paying host bosses to recognize members and require them to give all itemized school fees lists.

A state Department official said that the new modifications for the Summer Work Travel program will spotlight on reinforcing the safety of health, shelter and wellbeing of the applicants and also put the program back on the right track, its main purpose i.e., to offer cultural knowledge for the worldwide students.

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