The Pleasure beach black pool

The Pleasure beach black pool is a resort and amusement park that is situated in Black pool’s Fylde coastal area in England. It is another popluar and much frequently visited park. The Thompson family owns the parks. In the year 2003, a 4 star hotel called the big Blue hotel was opened inside the park, thereby making it an official resort.

Some of the major attractions in the park include, Big one

It is the loftiest roller coaster in the United Kingdom. A visitor can go upto a height of 213.ft and have a glimpse of the scenic location of the park. Arrow Dynamics had built this roller coaster.


It is an inverted roller coaster. A visitor will have a unique experience travelling upside down.


This is a looping coaster with Vekoma suspension. This is the primary roller coaster that was built above water. You get a memorable experience riding this roller coaster.


It is a Viking themed water ride and has two diverse stages.

Ice blast

This is the primary Space shot ride of Europe. A system of compressed air is utilized to instigate the riders up to a steel tower of 200 ft height.


This is a primary and only Mack bob sled coaster in the UK.


Black pool Pleasure Beach Big Blue Hotel, 525 Ocean Blvd, Black pool, Lancashire FY4 1EZ, United Kingdom
Phone 0871 222 1234, 0870 444 5566

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