The Global Indian International School, Auckland, New Zealand

In the year 2007, the GIEF (Global Indian Education Foundation) started its fifth abroad school. The GIIS “(Global Indian International School) is situated in Auckland, which is considered as the commercial capital of the Island country.

Education in New Zealand

The New Zealand GIIS provides a peculiar amalgamation of the Indian education with the national curriculum of New Zealand or the International Baccalaureate. The Grade 1 to Grade 8 students can adopt the CBSE syllabus. The students of Grade 9 to 12 can have an option of IB or CBSE or New Zealand syllabus. The GIIS provides Montessori syllabus for the child care or kinder garden division.

Since the GIIS NewZealand provides an extensive range of most modern and spirited system of education in the world, it boasts of having a number of people from different nations as well as the Indian Diaspora.

The Government of New Zealand also offers subsides for tuitions for the Permanent residents at the New Zealand GIIS and also for the citizens of New Zealand.

Global Indian International School
Level 20, ASB Bank Centre
135 Albert Street
Auckland 1010, New Zealand
Tel: (649) 363 3350
Fax: (649) 358 7340

10 Bukem Place, 69 Gadsby Road
Mangere (East)
Auckland, New Zealand

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