The conditions for French Immigration

The conditions for getting a French Immigration visa.

In order to obtain a French visa for a long-term, the candidate has to pay the correct fees and also furnish the following documents such as

A passport or a travel document with sufficient validity period for his stay in France.

A filled and duly signed application form for long term visa.

Correct number of photographs, the number may vary based on the candidate’s nationality and the purpose of her or his stay.

Ample proof to support the reason, why he intends to stay in France, and also evidence stating his personal condition.

French immigration for marriage

The France Immigration plan of the candidate is connected to his future or existing marriage with a French national. If the applicant is married to the French citizen already and now intend to migrate to France to stay with his spouse, then he should furnish the relevant particulars.

The relevant proof particulars comprise

A valid application form of the candidate along with, passport, fees and photographs.

An original certificate of the banns publication (from the marriage hall, where the wedding is actually to take place).

French nationality proof of the proposed French spouse, like the sufficient evidence to support his residence or stay in France and his French identity card.

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