Singapore Work Pass

Foreigners who wish to study or work or get trained or expand a business in Singapore, they need to get the work pass for
them as well as for persons who accompany them.

The Ministry for manpower (MoM) is the government authority responsible for issuing of work of workpass.

For further details, one can contact the following address

Ministry of Manpower

18 Havelock Road

Singapore 059764

Work Pass Services Centre (WPSC)

Tanjong Pagar Complex

7 Keppel Road #02-27/29

Singapore 089053

For General Enquiries Tel: (65) 6438 5122

For Service Quality Tel: 1800 538 6930

One can contact at (65) 6883 5885 for assistance on employment and training.

The obtainable employment and work passes.

Employments pass (EP)

You need to apply for an employment pass, if you with to seek in Singapore for a salary that exceeds S$2,500 for each month

The holders of the employment pass can also apply for their family members the long-term visit pass or the dependent’s pass

However you need to fulfill some requirements. You should possess a recognized degree, professional qualifications and
specialized skills.

The emploment pass are given for a time period for up to 2 years, which can then be renewed for time period of 3 years. The time duration to get the employment pass is two weeks.


S work pass

The S work pass is for the overseas professionals, technician or expert level jobs on fixed pay, and a minimum of SGD 2,000 as salary with a diploma or a degree as educational qualification. Technical certificates as well as work experience
certificates are also considered as an added qualifictions.

The applicants of S pass, who earns a more than $2,500 as fixed monthly salary are also eligible of apply for their family
members, the dependent pass (DP)

P Pass 1 is for individuals who earns a fixed monthly salary > $8,000. This is for Professional, Managerial, Executive, Specialist jobs

P Pass 2 is for ndividuals who draws a fixed monthly salary > $4,00. Thsi is for Professional, Managerial, Executive, Specialist jobs

Q1 Pass is for ndividuals with fixed monthly salary > $2,800 and with a recognised qualifications or haivng skills and adequte work experience(a minimum of five years relevant work experience is very much reocmended ).

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