Singapore Indian association

The Singapore Indian association was established in the year 1923. The main aim is to promoting physical, social, cultural, intellectual and universal wellbeing among its members. At the time of creation, the association posed more pan-Indian, somewhat than barely racial, religion, language, caste or region based association. These features made the organization distinct from the other Indian association in Singapore.

The Indian merchants and cream of the crop lead the association. In due course, the association expanded its membership by also admitting the white collar into the organization. Most of the members were staunch supporters of the Indian freedom movement. Several of them were very much particular about the political rights and communal wellbeing of the broader Indian society in Singapore and British Malaya, Previously Singapore was part of Malaysia.

The Singapore Indian association is located in all the important cities and towns spread across Malaya. When the Merdeka or the freedom developed in Malayan politics, these associations functioned as nodal points to trigger the Indian political activism. In due course of time, this donated to the creation of the Indian Malaysian congress, the major political party in Malaysia on behalf of the Indian society, and a present associate of the ruling Barisan National government of Malaysia.

It is located in the historical Singapore’s Balestier plain. On June 18, 1950, Jawaharlal Nehru laid the association's club house.

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